Month: August 2017

Stenciling: Taking Out The Artist In You

If you think you’re no good in making artworks and simply settle on drawing stick figures, well think again. There’s always that artist in you which is waiting to be unleashed. All it needs is a little encouragement, time, effort, practice, patience, and of course knowledge about the craft to let your imagination flow and be turned into a beautiful work of art. You don’t have to be an artist to be called one. With the right knowledge, resources, and a little skill, you’re off to creating that beautiful design that you will sure be proud of. Now, why don’t you start with stenciling, the process of making an image using color application on a stencil, leaving a reproduction of that image on the surface underneath, If you are thinking about redecorating your home, then stenciling is the one for you. Whether you want to put some new designs on your walls, furniture, glass materials, and fabric, stencil designs will provide that beautiful results that you desire. Okay, so you’re not an artist, right, No worries. All you need is a little research on stenciling. First, acquaint yourself of what a stencil is. Then, explore the other materials that you need to use such as the paint brush, either large or small, and paint, which could be acrylic or fabric, depending on the material where you want the image...

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Stenciling Materials And Equipment

Many people regard art as an expression of the soul. Art is referred to as a medium, a way to express feelings without an action. A painting can tell you a million stories, a song can share a million emotions and photographs can give you many faces. Stenciling as an art can give you a bird’s eye view of the personality of the artist who did the stencil. Stenciling is an expression of design and of characteristic. The texture of the stenciled patterns and the stroke of the artists’ brushes or pen allows the audience to have an idea...

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Stenciling In The Early Years

Many art critics turn their attention on paintings and photographs. These art works are two of the most famous and most talked about product of the art world. Painting and photo exhibits generate a large audience from different art societies and the common people. These two art forms are too popular that other art forms are not given much attention. One of these art forms that are often disregarded is the art of stenciling. Stenciling is the art of producing an image from a stencil pattern. The stencil pattern can be a cut-out pattern or outlining the image that...

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