1. “Are you a certified Image Consultant”,
An Image Consultant does personal shopping but is not a Personal Shopper. An Image Consultant does styling for events, photo shoots etc, but is not a Stylist. Image Consultants are trained by masters and certified by a professional organization, the leader being the Association of Image Consultants International, encompassing 1300 members worldwide over 40 countries.
2. How does Image Consulting work,
The majority Image consultants follow a tried and true three step process to ensure the maximum benefit to their one-on-one client. The following is a description of my process, you will find variations between consultants, but most will be similar to this:
Step 1: Personal Consultation and Color Analysis
In your home or office our first meeting begins with learning your professional and personal goals. This helps us ensure that your wardrobe will be fully in sync with your lifestyle. We discuss your style preferences and relate them to how you currently dress. We explore a little into the world of fashion and I show you both a broader scope and nuances of clothing. I do a full analysis to determine what colors look best on you, what lines of clothing as well as what patterns are best, and which ones you should avoid.
Step 2: Closet Clearing and Wardrobe Analysis
Some clients approach this with some trepidation and then are delighted with the result! Your closet is a “life tool”, and we work to align what you already own to our completed analysis. Some call this “shopping in your closet”. We pinpoint the items you have that truly compliment your personal and professional goals and where some gaps might exist that can be filled in. This session also includes matching assistance, tailoring advice of existing garments and usually a couple Hefty garbage bags!
Step 3: Personal Shopping
Shopping can be overwhelming. Some people give it a fraction of the time they need to, and others spend way to much time and end up with way too much stuff. Fortunately, having gone through Steps 1 and 2, we have the knowledge and I have the list to make it all a breeze! I pre-shop for you at the stores of your choice following your budget. You just show up to a stocked dressing room of pre-selected options and I do all the running. You leave in less time than you could imagine, and everything looks fantastic because it will be matched to you based on our analysis and my professional involvement.
3. How much does Image Consulting Cost,
Just like everything, costs will vary depending on the experience of the consultant and the geographic area of the client. Affluent clients will fly in consultants, or join them on bi-annual destination shopping trips and spend tens of thousands. On the other side of the spectrum, a one-time client may need some help finding the right dress for a wedding, or the right suit for an interview, and only want to invest a couple hundred dollars in the process. Assume that urban areas will set hourly fees starting at $100.00 an hour topping off at $250.00 depending on the experience of the consultant. Worth it, Well, what did you spend in clothing last year, $5000, $10,000, $15,000, Consider if the purchases you made would have been better choices if 10 to 15% of that budget had gone to getting the professional guidance that kind of investment deserves.


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