Microsoft to Launch Disc-Less Xbox One for Under $200 in 2019: ReportMicrosoft may Establish a disc-less Xbox One$ 4,599 in 2019 according to sources Knowledgeable about the company’s plans.
In addition to forsaking physical media, it also plans to allow Xbox One owners to trade in their existing games on disc for digital downloads. The main reason for such a drastic move is to have the purchase price of the Xbox One lower and ensuring its below $200 (approximately Rs. 14,000).
“Currentlyit costs about $299 to buy into the Xbox One family of devices,” writes Xbox insider Brad Sams. “Microsoft is seeking to lower that price by possibly up to $100; the new console price point is predicted to be 200 or less”

If you are in the market for a brand new Xbox One that can play games without needing to go online or worry about Microsoft’s servers being unavailable, you’re in luck. There’ll be another Xbox One S variant that ships using a disc drive. Sams states that”Microsoft is moving ahead very closely with this product as it understands that a sizeable part of its own users do prefer to purchase physical matches and not download them.” Though if that was actually the situation, it wouldn’t be exploring a disc-free Xbox you to begin with.

And though the company might allow Xbox One owners to trade their games on discs for digital downloads, it’s not entirely new. Sony needed a similar program for its PSP consumers in Japan through the launch of the PS Vita though it never saw the light of day outside of that country.

Formerly Sams said that Microsoft had 2 Xbox One loading devices in the works. The first will probably be constructed along the lines of the Chromecast and priced at about $100. Another will be”like the Apple TV”, maybe integrating with Windows 10 programs and encouraging lightweight games. It might be priced between $150 and $175. These will help Microsoft target and win the living room. It appears that these plans have been put on the back burner since it focusses on simply removing the disk drive from your Xbox One, that we hope doesn’t come to fruition given that accessing your library of articles depends on Microsoft’s servers being online and having a super fast Internet connection is required.


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