A worried Airtel client took to Twitter to voice her shock about questionable activity linked to her Aadhaar amount after she realized the nine telephone numbers were confirmed using her amount.

The most important point here is that she didn’t know any of those other nine telephone numbers connected to her Aadhaar number along with the linking was performed with no knowledge.

The answer by UIDAI continued to include the telecom firm must offer the proof about how and if the other cellular numbers were connected to this Aadhaar number.

As stated by the UIDAI reaction, at the “earlier system”, it wasn’t feasible to check about “the number of hundred SIM cards” were issued under the particulars of one individual without “their understanding”.

Other users began reacting to this thread by asking a vast array of queries and perhaps even potential tips about the best way best to curb the dilemma of abuse of Aadhaar and Aadhaar-based authentication.

UIDAI posted the answer of how users may assess their “Aadhaar authentication background” about the Aadhaar site for a number of the queries, regardless of the context of this query.

The official Twitter manage of Bharti Airtel responded to this thread by adding they wish to check at the situation to make certain it’s fixed. They requested @PRIYARD, the user that issued the complaint in the first place to send them Airtel amount (in question) so they could help her. After nearly about a week, the consumer issued an update saying that based on Airtel, no Aadhaar information was stolen or leaked.

Airtel asserts there was “applications coding glitch” which Airtel was hoping to mend and her Aadhaar amount was just connected to a mobile link on her title.

Only last month, Airtel was discovered to use the Aadhaar-eKYC established SIM verification procedure to open payments banks account for its readers with no knowledge. UIDAI has barred Bharti Airtel and Airtel Payments Bank from running Aadhaar-based SIM confirmation of cellular customers utilizing eKYC procedure in addition to e-KYC of obligations lender customers.


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