Amazon to Open First Go Store That Accepts Cash

Now it is adding a low-tech attribute: accepting money.

Its new shop opening in New York City Tuesday is going to be the initial Amazon Go shop to achieve that. At its other stores, clients can simply enter with a program that connects to a bank card or even a Amazon account.

The company, confronting backlash from critics that say cashless shops discriminate against the poor, confirmed last month that it had been working on a means to accept paper coins and bill.

In the new shop, worker will swipe individuals who wish to pay by money through the turnstile entry. After shoppers catch what they need off the shelves, then a worker will scan every item with a cellular device and test them out. There won’t be cash registers at the store.

Cameron Janes, that manages Amazon’s physical shops, states how it takes money could change later on, but declined to provide specifics.

“That is the way we are beginning,” he states.

In the last few decades, a tiny but increasing number of shops across the country have gone cash-free. However, some activists and politicians state that discriminates against individuals who do not possess a bank account.

New Jersey passed a statewide ban shortly after, and similar legislation have been considered in nyc and San Francisco.

It is not clear how many shoppers will bypass the program and need to pay by money at Amazon Go. The New York shop, the first from town, is at Brookfield Place, a luxury shopping mall and office complex that houses a Gucci shop and office employees from banks and credit card firms. Amazon expects a lot of its clients to be employees seeking to get a lunchtime sandwich or salad, individuals who reside in the region or vacationers visiting the nearby World Trade Center.


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