Apple Hires Former Jaunt CTO Arthur van Hoff in Apparent Augmented Reality Push

Rumours have been going around for quite a while regarding Apple working in an augmented reality (AR) headset that should release some time next year.

And now, it has been shown that the Cupertino established tech-giant has roped in Arthur van Hoff, who had been a co-founder at Disney-backed virtual reality (VR) startup, Jaunt. Going by his upgraded LinkedIn profile, Van Hoff now holds the position of a Senior Architect at Apple, where he began working earlier this month.

Van Hoff’s updated LinkedIn profile has been first seen by Variety. The hire includes two months after the departure of HoloLens co-creator, Avi Bar–Zeev, who worked in Apple for nearly 3 years on what’s thought to be connected to the organization’s planned AR headset.

There is no word yet as to what type of liability van Hoff will be taking in Apple. But going by his experience, van Hoff is regarded as a veteran of multi-camera systems and video creation for AR and VR. And also, according to Variety, chances are that he may work alongside his old colleagues, as Apple has hired several former Jaunt engineers over the last couple of years to work on AR, computer vision, camera programs and other projects.

Arthur Van Hoff based Jaunt at 2013 and functioned as the organization’s CTO until overdue 2018. In addition, he took over as the CEO for a short while in 2016. There were rumours concerning the company facing difficulty in 2018, and as a result, Jaunt laid a fantastic portion of its employees in October 2018, and refocused on developing a stage for the scaled production of AR content. Prior to working for Jaunt, Arthur van Hoff served as the CTO at Flipboard, Software and Services CTO at Dell, along with also an Engineer at TiVo.


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