Apple Patent Tips Plans for an iPhone In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Apple has been Awarded a patent Which describes a new technology that Will allow the iPhone maker to include an in-display fingerprint Detector on its smartphones.

The patent, which will be titled”Methods of biometric imaging of input surfaces”, was filed by the company back in 2016 and has only been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent describes the company’s innovation around acoustic imaging method. It’s unclear if the firm will actually use the technology in a commercially available apparatus as since 2016, Apple has moved its attention to Face ID rather than Touch ID.

The acoustic imaging system described from the new Apple patent includes a set of acoustic transducers that may convert mechanical energy to electrical sign or vice versa. These transducers will be able to detect and convert the mechanical wave generated by whatever placed on the display, such as a fingerprint, in an electrical signal. Apple’s implementation is very different from the present crop of in-display fingerprint sensors.

The technical aspects of Apple’s implementation can be found at the patent application on USPTO website(the link was not available at the time of publication). The patent was first spotted by Patently Apple.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s unclear if we will ever see the technology’s execution in Apple iPhone or even iPad models, but it could certainly enable the company in bringing some fresh and fascinating features of its apparatus.


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