Apple has Eliminated cyber-security firm Trend Micro’s apps from the Mac App Store after reports of it’Concealing user data’ and sending it to Anonymous servers came into light.Apple Removes Trend Micro Apps from Mac App Store Over Data CollectionInitially, the firm stated that every one of these allegations were untrue, and after apologised for the whole matter at hand. The company says that its apps – Dr. Cleaner, Dr. Cleaner Guru, Dr. Antivirus, Dr. Unarchiver, Dr. Battery, and Copy Finder – collect information only once, and it is purely done for safety purposes. Later, it issued an apology saying that an issue regarding a frequent code in browser set functionality was discovered and rectified, and all information logs have been eternally dumped. Whatever the case, Apple no longer lists some of the above apps on the Mac App Store.
Trend Micro earlier said that its programs collected and uploaded a small snapshot of the browser background on a one-time basis, covering the 24 hours before installation. It originally claimed it never stole any user data without permission, and that this one-time information collection was mentioned in the disclosure, and is accepted by the consumer.

However, later, Trend Micro issued an apology stating,”We believe that we identified a core problem that’s humbly the result of the use of shared code libraries. We have learned that browser set functionality was created in common across a couple of our applications and then deployed the exact same manner for both security-oriented as well as the non-security oriented apps like the ones in conversation. This has been corrected.” The business said that it has permanently dumped all legacy logs saved in AWS, also has eliminated the browser collection features across its consumer products.

The business is now in the process of reviewing and re-verifying its consumer disclosure, consent processes, and posted materials for each its products, and in the meantime, all the apps stay unlisted on the Mac App Store. We urge users to delete any of the above mentioned apps from their Mac apparatus, and utilize different options instead. Trend Force notes that not one of the information gathered was compromised at any given point, so users of these products need not worry of a breach. However, all app makers must form the habit of specifically informing the user should they collect any data for any functions.


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