Borderlands 3 Teased, Official Announcement Expected on March 28

It’s been too long since we got a true Borderlands sequel.

Since Borderlands 2 originally released back in 2012, we’ve gotten a’Pre-Sequel’, a Handsome Collection (a compilation for the current generation of consoles), Borderlands 2 VR, and also a Telltale matches spin-off – Tales From the Borderlands. Thanks to another teaser tweet from the franchise’s developer Gearbox Software, it seems that there’s a Borderlands 3 that we may be shown as early as March 28 at PAX East.

The teaser is admittedly very mysterious, but signals pointing into the reveal are all there. It is a cell-shaded film that says March 28, Boston MA – which is the date and place of Pax East this season. What’s more, the cell-shaded art is straight from the art-style employed in Borderlands games. There is also a 3 hidden over the sign that may be an indication that the game we expect to see is Borderlands 3.

What remains to be see is whether the game is going to be scheduled for a 2019 launch or afterwards. The tweet will not indicate a similar art style to what has been used in the previous matches, but it remains to be seen what visual improvements will be present in the new sport.

The Borderlands series of games have been fan favourites due to their witty writing, high-loot driven action-RPG gameplay, along with the exceptional weapon modding ability. We may safely expect these features to reunite but the major issue is what is going to Gearbox add from the new game to keep things new in 2019. We are going to have to wait until March 28 to learn.


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