CES 2019: Sony Launches New Portable and Outdoor Speakers

The continuing CES 2019 tech conference sees Sony launching the SRS-XB12, SRS-XB22, and SRS-XB32 mobile wireless speakers. The business has also established the somewhat distinctive Sony GTK-PG10 outdoor celebration speaker, which includes cup holders onto a top panel which pops up as a desk, presumably to maintain your beverages and other items on.

The SRS-XB assortment of speakers sees three new developments, which can be priced at various levels based on the version number. While India costs or availability have not been shown yet, US pricing of these speakers is outside.

The Sony speakers comprise wireless connectivity over Bluetooth to match with most important smartphones and origin apparatus, together with mild impacts on the XB-22 and XB-32 speakers. All 3 speakers also contain IP67 evaluations for water and dust resistance, with maintained battery life going around 24 hours to the lightest version. Charging is through USB interfaces on the speakers, even whilst NFC helps quicker pairing over the XB-22 and XB-32 versions.

Also launched is your Sony GTK-PG10 celebration speaker, which has been touted as a speaker for celebration use whether outside or inside. It sports a fold-out table that includes integrated cup holders and a stage to store things. Additional opening the top panels permit the tweeters to fire upward, thereby enabling sound to disperse far better. Interestingly, the Sony GTK-PG10 speaker may also be mounted onto a tripod for altitude.


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