The popularity of stenciling has grown immensely because of its variety of uses. Although it’s mainly used for home improvement, many people find this arts and craft specialty a truly fun way of doing things beyond improving the home. And since it’s very easy, anyone can actually do it. However, if you are a beginner in stenciling, you must keep in mind that this activity requires patience and practice. No worries, though, because you can find lots of information about this via the Internet to enhance your knowledge. Plus, you can definitely use a wide variety of materials to help you get started. But before you start with your stenciling project, you must first know its different uses.

Stenciling on Glass

Have you seen glass stencils already, Perhaps, someone has already given you a gift made of glass with your name on it. Wonder how it’s done, Simple. A stencil is used to transfer your name onto the glass. The only trick here, however, is using the proper glass paint so it won’t wash off. In a glass vase for example, you can use air dry enamel and coat it with a glaze for added look. Now, if you don’t know the right glass paint to use, you can always do your research online or better ask from the paint store which paint doesn’t wash off easily on glass.

Stenciling on Fabric

Ah, this one is very common! Maybe what you’re wearing now has a stencil design on it. Unlike in glass stencils, in fabric, you can easily grab fabric paints to be used in transferring the design you like. However, if it’s rough fabric there that you’re using, it can be more challenging. Like on a jean jacket, you have to use a special stencil on it and make sure that the jacket material is laid as flat as possible. But it must not end there. Even if you are really careful in transferring the design, you can still lose some of the finer details. So, the best thing for you to do is to draw the small edges of the stencil by hand for greater impact.

Stenciling on Walls

Wall stenciling is very popular these days. In fact, lots of homes make use of this for their home decorating projects. Whether it’s the kid’s room, the master’s bedroom, the kitchen, or the living room that you want to accentuate, you can always rely on wall stenciling for an enhanced appearance. In your kid’s room for example, you can stencil their names above their bed, so they’ll feel some kind of ownership in it.

Another example is on your living room’s wall. You can always purchase a stencil with popular quotes like ‘Faith, Hope, and Love’ and simply transfer it using the paint color that you like. Also, if you don’t want to use real wallpaper, stenciling can also be used to make it look like a wallpaper. You just have to choose the right color combination to get that desired look for your home.

Stenciling’s wide variety of uses can really make a lot of difference not only to your home but also to your fabrics and glass products. Now, unleash that creativity in you and start thinking what project you’ll do first. Is it stenciling on glass, fabric, or wall, You decide.


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