All men like to dress up and behave in their own way. One fashion cannot be called as the perfect for the other. Fashion followers belong to different countries and religious, cultural, and traditional backgrounds. Fashion differs based on occasions, atmosphere, and personal preferences, as well as the traditional impact on the person has effects on his liking or disliking greatly. It depends upon the gathering and the surrounding they are attending.
In the weddings, men belonging to various cultures prefer wearing traditional styled outfits. The color of the dress for the western groom is often slate grey to black and made of high quality fabric. While in South East Asian society, grooms wears long coat style called sherwani over their traditional dress shalwar kameez. The sherwani or long coat embroidered on the collar and the cuffling area is the first choice of many men. The famous brands who deal in groom dresses use the fabrics like raw silk, shanghai, and cotton for creating the formal parry wear collection for men. An Indian groom may wear the Maharaja suit while the English groom would prefer traditional suiting according to their tradition and culture.
The sense of dressing is also dependent upon the people’s lifestyle. Those who love the party culture and exist in almost any part of world wear distinctive fashionable clothes. Most of fashion minded people follow the western designers and they go for international brands to make their fashion statement.
Eastern designer for men clothing are incorporating western designs and cuts, as they are much in demand. However, they are focusing on the local dresses as well integrated by latest styles and designs by the fashion industry. Blending of western into eastern touch has made them introduce many outclass and spectacular men’s clothing and designs.
The traditional Indian men can wear the latest hip-hop fashion of the west as the globalization of products has enabled every person to buy and adopt any fashion. Buying branded clothes is easy and within reach since keeping their demand in mind, the vendors and retailers import western outfit in great numbers. Many brands have opened their franchises in the emerging markets of the East where they are welcomed with open arms.
Technology is at its best and turning the whole world into a huge global village. It is one of the main reasons that traditional values of various cultures are integrated with the other dominating cultures especially the west. The eastern urban man wants to wear the latest to appear his best in the corporate world and beat the challenges of the changing world of today.
Switching from traditional to contemporary fashion is somehow compulsory to grow in the new technological era and to be successful. Some of the other reasons of western influence on the eastern fashion and trends are the easy availability, affordability, mass production, and low cost of maintenance. The latest in western wear collection the designers are introducing wrinkle free fabrics for regular, casual, and formal wear. It is quite attractive for those men who have a fast-paced and robust type of life style.


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