Facebook 2FA Security Feature Leaves User Phone Numbers Searchable by Advertisers: Report

The safety attribute – designed only to authenticate your identity on the social networking platform – might have left your telephone number open for other people to view, even to advertisers to familiarize you with their advertisements, USA Today reported Monday.

The debate has been initiated by Jeremy Burge, who runs the site Emojipedia, stating amounts added to utilize two-factor authentication proved now searchable.

“Facebook 2FA amounts will also be shared with Instagram which prompts you’is that your telephone number?’ WhatsApp also shares telephone numbers with Facebook. Facebook shares telephone numbers with advertisers,” said Burge at a succession of tweets.

“For many years Facebook maintained… adding a telephone number for 2FA was just for safety. It could be searched and there is no way to disable this,” Burge added.

Last September, Gizmodo noted that Facebook also utilizes security advice to target ads.

In a statement to the Guardian, Facebook stated it’s been getting questions regarding two-factor authentication and telephone number configurations on Facebook.

“Two-factor authentication is a significant safety feature, and this past year we included the choice to set this up to your accounts without registering a telephone number. Separately, the’Who will look up me?’ Preferences aren’t new and aren’t unique to two-factor authentication,” the announcement read.

“In April 2018we eliminated the capability to enter another individual’s telephone number or email address to the Facebook search bar to help locate a person’s profile.”

Facebook”can not credibly require 2FA for insecure accounts without realising that from hunt and advertisements,” Stamos tweeted.


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