French MPs Approve Digital Tax, Defying US Ire

The USA has advocated its NATO ally to shed the program, together with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warning last week that it might hurt both American companies as well as the French taxpayers using the programs.

The measure has been approved by 55 votes from four at the National Assembly, together with five abstentions. It is going to then be put to vote at the Senate, or upper house, prior to becoming law.

“France is honoured to be contributing on these topics,” Le Maire informed parliament before the vote, stating that the draft comprised a”measure… towards a fairer and more efficient taxation to the 21st century”

Reacting to this criticism from the USA, Le Maire said France had been”decided” to press with the laws and could be”autonomous” on financial problems.

He explained it had been”improper” that electronic giants could earn substantial profits from consumer information to ensure the”profits are produced in France however, the taxes are enforced overseas”.

Last month, France introduced the draft laws to establish a 3 percent tax on electronic advertisements, the sale of private data and other earnings for any technology firm that earns over EUR 750 million ($840 million) globally every year.

France is trying to agree that the laws on a federal level following a European Union-wide campaign was scuttled from low-tax nations like Ireland, which were wooed large technology companies.

However, Le Maire insisted that a”good alternative in the long term is going to be a viable solution,” vowing to not let up in efforts to get an arrangement within the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


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