Pest not only affects the human but they also affect the crops. They play an important role in the production of crops. Not only production of crops affected but also they spread disease. For preventing diseases from pest both in crops and human, many health agencies work with local bodies.

People try to develop lots of equipments with pesticides control medicine to eliminate the insects and pests. Bed bugs belong to insect family which affects the humans. They are not harmful for plants but they affect birds and animals. If you read the history of bed bugs then you come to know that bed bugs like birds or poultries blood instead of humans. Many centuries ago, scientist believes that insects like bed bugs did not like to suck human blood. These days bugs are present not only in birds nest but also in human house.

After lot of research in developed country, scientists believe that around ten apartments out of twenty apartments have insects or pests in it. This figure may increase in developing or under developing countries. The number of bed bugs increased in development countries due to improper planning for controlling of bed bugs. Not only the planning matters but you also need enough budget to exterminate bed bugs.

Scientist called bed bugs Cimex Lectularius. They have no wings and are very ting insect. Mostly people think that if they have wings then they will be more dangerous and harmful insect and it should be very difficult to control.

Bed bugs are very flexible and tough insects because if they eat once in their life then they can spend their whole life span on single meal. Life span of bed bugs is only one year that is very short.But they lay eggs three times in their life. During one session of laying eggs, female bed bugs lay 300 eggs.

There are three basic types of pesticides available in market. Pesticides are basically used to control the growth of bed bugs. Insect growth regulator is very popular insect growth controlling insecticide. It is used to kill the younger bed bugs and its eggs. The basic purpose of this medicine is to impair the reproduction of bed bugs instead of killing adult bed bugs. By using this pesticide you can stop the production of new generation but it has very slow effect.

If you want to kill pest immediately then you should use contact pesticides. It is very fast way of killing any type insect or pest. This medicine shows its effectiveness in few seconds after spray. People like contact pesticides due to its speedy result and you can verify its effectives instantly. You can apply this medicine on bed bug hiding place but be careful because these pesticides are very harmful for human.

If you want to directly attack on pest then use insecticidal dusts. There are number of chemical used in these pesticides which destroy pest skin and poisoned the internal system. If we compare this medicine with contact pesticides then contact pesticide is more effective.


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