Bed bugs are small insect present everywhere at your home, your working place, garden etc. You find them anywhere and cannot avoid them because of banning of bed bug killing medicine DDT. In 1950 and 1960, bed bugs are eliminated with the help of DDT spray in all possible places.

If you think that you can avoid bed bugs by keeping your home clean then this is wrong theory. It is not necessary that neat and clean households do not contain bed bugs infested. Mostly People think that only dirty place contain bed bugs but there are equal chances of having infested in clean places.

If we follow the thinking of people then mostly people don’t know about the presence of bed bugs in their house. People don’t know the structure and shape of bed bugs. Basically bed bugs hide themselves due to their shyness. They don’t fly openly in air like other insects cockroaches. They only come out of their places when you lights are off at night. If you change your position when you are sleeping then they also change their position and go back to their hiding place.

If you want to see red bugs then it is very difficult. You can find them everywhere but you cannot see them due to their shyness. If you are changing your place frequently then they will not bite you even if they are hungry.

If you know the color and shape of the bed bugs then you can easily recognize this insect with naked eye. Nocturnal insects cannot be seen in daylight and bed bug also belongs to this family. Bed bugs mostly come out of their hiding place and collect their food at night. If you want to see bed bugs, early morning time is best because at that time they are over active. Bed bugs are reddish brown insect without wings. There body shape is oval and they are flat and round. You can also smell bed bugs. They have musty smell like sweet and you can easily smell them in your room if they have bed bugs infestation. Red bugs always like to live near the humans like bed rooms, chicken etc. Sometime they are present under the dining table present in dining room.

If you want to find out bed bugs in your bedroom then first of all check the mattress and change its position. After checking the mattress, check its edge lining and side tables. As you know that bed bugs are reddish brown in color so they left reddish brown spot on hiding place. Female bed bugs left white nymphs on hiding place. These white nymphs are eggs. If you want to remove bed bugs from your house, use insect killing medicine.

Bed bugs are also present on your clothes, bed covers, pillows etc, so always wash your clothes with hot water. You can also kill the bed bugs at freezing temperature since they cannot stand for the temperature below freezing point.


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