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Apple temporarily began reselling iPhone SE$17,199 apparatus in the US from clearance shops just four months later declaring discontinuation of its selling, media reports said. Briefly after being made available, the iPhone SE is currently sold out.

As part of the sale on its clearance store, Apple has been offering the 32GB and 128GB storage variants of the iPhone SE for $249 (approximately Rs. 17,800) and $299 (roughly Rs. 21,400), respectively. Both versions were priced at $349 (approximately Rs. 25,000) and $449 (approximately Rs. 32,100), respectively.

“These are brand new, unopened, and unlocked models with unchanged tech specs, such as a 4-inch retina screen, A9 processor, Touch ID, and 12-megapixel rear camera,” MacRumors reported on Saturday.

The iPhone SE has been popular among users of smaller smartphones and those who favored the iPhone 5-like design.

However, famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo increased doubts about the possibility of a new iPhone SE however in July 2018, a research company asserted that the company has abandoned its plans for a new iPhone SE, ” the report stated.

Apple had lowered its revenue guidance together with the previous quarter end with fewer updates than expected giving rise to speculations hinting that the company is doing what it can to boost iPhone sales.

“It is unclear why Apple is promoting the iPhone SE again, but it might seem to be clearing out inventory,” the report added.

There has been no word from the iPhone-maker as of now about whether or not iPhone SE could be made available for resale from other countries. The iPhone SE was originally released in March 2016.


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