iPhone XR Seen to Tie With Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in New Speed Test VideoWhenever Apple launches its annual iPhone upgrades, they’re bound to be pitted against its rival company Samsung’s flagships.
The 2018 iPhone versions incorporate the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and they feature absolute top notch specifications. However, the company’s most inexpensive handset iPhone XR$76,900 comes with a few compromises to reduce the cost. However, a YouTuber at a brand new video decided to pit the smartphone from the powerful Samsung Galaxy Notice 9$61,900 at a speed test. Surprisingly, both the smart phones could squeak out a good fight.
Apple did not show memory details about the new iPhone XR, but according to a current iFixit teardown, the smartphone includes 3GB of RAM. Regardless of the difference in RAM, YouTuber Phonebuff wanted to test how the iPhone XR will perform in comparison to the Galaxy Notice 9, due to Apple’s strong A12 Bionic chip.

The video posted from the YouTube channel tests the total performance of the iPhone XR and Galaxy Notice 9 with just two rounds of apps found on each individual phone to find a winner. In the movie, the Apple iPhone XR$76,900 is seen to race during the first lap of the rate test, which entails opening sixteen apps and games like facebook, Starbucks, Microsoft Word, Camera, and Subway Surfers, roughly 15 seconds quicker than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Nonetheless, within the next lap, in which the same series of programs is accessed to test how quickly the competitors can recall them from their memory, the Samsung flagship was able to compensate for the missing time to tie with the iPhone XR. In the long run, the iPhone XR ended with a entire time of 2:38:33 along with the Galaxy Notice 9 completed at 2:38:48.

It is worth noting that the latest speed test isn’t definite for quantifying real-world performance neither of this iPhone XR nor the Galaxy Notice 9. There can be some cases in which you will see the hottest iPhone beating the top-end Galaxy Notice 9, or even vice versa. Additionally, network latency plays a vital role especially in loading programs that access Web services.


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