Lenovo ThinkPad, Yoga Headphones Launched; Portable USB Type-C Monitor Unveiled at MWC 2019

In addition to refreshing a Number of its ThinkPad and IdeaPad laptops at MWC 2019, Lenovo has Introduced two new pairs of headphones designed to match its ThinkPad and Yoga devices, and a Mobile USB Type-C companion Screen for laptops.

The company has not yet discussed programs or timelines for launches in other regions.

The 2 pairs of headphones have the same features including active sound cancellation, but are styled differently, to match with their namesake merchandise lines. The ThinkPad X1 ANC is dark gray and was designed in partnership with Dolby and Synaptics to listen to the noise and generate a six-mic array with no protruding arm. Using a hybrid of active sound cancelation (ANC) and digital sound cancelation (ENC), the ThinkPad X1 ANC is intended to allow users collaborate through voice and video conferencing platforms and easily interact with voice assistants in their apparatus.

The Yoga ANC headset includes a white finish but includes the identical aluminum caps onto its own earpieces as the ThinkPad X1 ANC. This version also features hybrid ANC and ENC to filter out backgraound noise. Both pairs of headphones support Bluetooth 5 and can also be used and billed with a USB Type-C cable. Both can also be collapsible for simple storage. Lenovo has not published detailed specifications about the sound characteristics and battery lifetime of these two headsets, but seems to be targeting them more for calls than for music.

The ThinkVision M14 mobile monitor is supposed to enhance productivity by providing laptop users more screen space to use. The system uses a single USB Type-C cable to connect to any PC or notebook and doesn’t need an external power supply. You will find USB Type-C ports on both sides of the device, to make positioning easier. It also supports pass-through power to charge a laptop if plugged into a wall outlet. However, it does not have a battery of its own.

The screen measures 14 inches diagonally and has a full-HD resolution. A height-adjustable pliers must be sufficient to help increase the display to match a laptop placed alongside it. Lenovo has designed it to be mobile, so that it weighs 595g and is 4.6mm thick, so that it can slip into a bag along with a laptop.


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