Art is a way to express someone’s feelings. It is a way to send messages to the world. It is a way to conceal the artists’ emotions into paintings, photographs and sculptures. Many people have turned to art to disclose their emotions and their messages. Truly, art has been so many things to people. It has been a very good communicator. An art form that is highly regarded for its effect on the political battle and in the interior decoration is stenciling.

Stenciling is the act of making or drawing something by using outlines. Stencil patterns are available for people who want to choose the color that they want to use. It is an art that was nurtured by many cultures. Some of these cultures are Japanese, Chinese and Europeans. With the advancement of technology came the advancement in materials which prompted stenciling to turn to other materials too. People don’t even know that stencils originate from caves and leaves.

There are many kinds of stenciling. One type of these stencils used in stenciling is letter stencils. Letter stencils are used in official businesses like military operations and organizations. Letter stencils are usually personalized to every person and to an organization.

Letter stencils are also used by children when they want to learn their alphabets. Moreover, children also use stenciled numbers to learn their numbers. Letter stencils have a very colorful industry in the modern world.

At the end of the 1930’s a schoolteacher observed the brass stencils that her students have presented problems. After too much thinking, Ruth Hormats made two prototypes of stencils.

Hormats took her invention to many big companies and many companies brought her down. Nonetheless, her product was recognized and was launched at Macy’s. As the product became popular, many people purchased the product and the product was adjusted for different age groups.

A unique stencil design was produced at the end of the 1940’s. This style allowed users to make letters in three different styles. It is called the 2 inch Solid Gothic. The 2 inch gothic contained complete letters and they were the same as most stenciled letters.

Because of Hormat’s invention, many people thought that there was money in doing stencils and came up with their version of stenciled of circus animals and other stencils that concerned education. Meanwhile, Ruth started her own company and succeeded in her idea of stenciling.

Ruth’s company became a huge success and parents and children patronized her products. In the following years to come, Ruth’s invention continued to be a bestseller and people couldn’t get enough of it.

Many companies have produced letter stencils that are targeted to children. These companies have added variations to their products. Despite the advancement of technology, other people still prefer the old-fashioned way stenciled way to learn their ABC’s.

Truly, stenciling has come a long way from its early beginnings. It has taken many forms that are very beneficial to humans. Stenciling types cater to different needs and wants by people. Stenciling has helped a lot of people in terms of aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, stenciling has helped in educating the children. These letter stencils are objects that any kid must possess.

Instead of children going out to play, they have opted to stay in their house to practice their alphabet using stenciling.


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