If you will be visiting Universal Studios, you need to

be prepared. Arriving at the park unprepared can

literally ruin your vacation! Follow these tips to help

you get the most out of your Universal Studios Tour


It will be very hot. Make sure that you dress in

cotton clothing that is cool. You should strongly

consider bringing a change of clothing, so you can

change into dry clothes after the rides that soak

you, or if your clothes get too sweaty. If you will be

there during the evening hours, bring warmer

clothes to change into. Do not wear new shoes!

There is a lot of walking involved, and you won’t

last one hour in brand new shoes. Wear an old

pair that are well broken in. Bring an extra pair of

shoes to change into if yours get wet.

Make sure that you bring earplugs. There is a lot of

noise at Universal Studios, and some of the

attractions are deafening. Also bring sunscreen,

sunglasses, and hats to help protect you from the

sun. Use a backpack or a fanny pack to carry your

belongings in there are also lockers available

through guest services if you need a safe dry place

to store your things.

Make sure that you take the Universal Studio Tour

early in the day. The park will remain open several

hours after the tour has closed for the day.

Designate a meeting place with everyone in your

party, in case you get separated. Make sure that

everyone in your party has a map, and that they

know how to read it!

Leave small babies and toddlers with a sitter. They

will not enjoy Universal Studios, and they will make

sure that you don’t enjoy it either if you bring them.

Consider purchasing VIP passes which will allow

you to move to the front of the lines for the

attractions. This is a huge time saver, and will keep

you from wasting valuable time and getting bored.

Avoid eating inside the park if you can. It is very

expensive, and the food is much cheaper right

outside the gates in City Walk. Also save your

shopping for the end of the day, so you don’t have

to carry packages around with you. Universal

Studios Tours does have a package delivery

service, which will allow you to pick up your

purchases at the end of the day near the exit, in

case you find a souvenir that simply won’t wait until

closing time.

Most importantly, see and do as much as possible,

and have fun! Universal Studios has been entertaining

us for years, and entertainment is what Universal

Studios Tours is all about!

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