Experiencing the death of a loved one can often be traumatizing for everyone involved. In some cases, the death can be due to the negligence or maliciousness of another individual. If you believe another person is at fault for killing your family member or friend, there are a few situations when you need to hire a wrongful death attorney.

Medical Malpractice

One of the leading causes of death in the U.S. is due to medical malpractice. Your loved one may have been in the hands of a medical professional when they passed away or were not properly diagnosed with a medical condition that they could have received treatment for to prolong their lifespan. There may also have been errors or mistakes made during a surgery, which makes it an ideal time to hire a wrongful death attorney in Tampa.

Defective Drugs

Many prescription drugs come with harmful side effects that are often not disclosed to the public and can lead to death. You can consider hiring a wrongful death attorney Tampa if the company fails to warn patients that the drug can be fatal if it’s mixed with another medication. You can still have a case if the medication is FDA-approved, making it necessary to learn your rights. It can be difficult and nearly impossible to win a lawsuit against a large pharmaceutical company or organization without the help of a legal professional who has experience handling similar cases.


Deaths can occur due to accidents that are caused by other individuals, which can include car collisions or unsafe work conditions in the workplace. You could consult the help of a professional if a loved one were the victim of another person’s mistake. Your loved one may have been killed in an auto accident due to a drunk driver or distracted driving. The employer or company where your relative or spouse worked may have also created an unacceptable workplace that included hazardous materials or areas in the building that contributed to the victim’s death.

The attorney will be qualified to carefully review all of the details of the case and discover any facts that may have been overlooked that can help your case.

Obtaining legal representation after an individual has died is necessary to get financial compensation and justice. With the help of a professional, you can learn more about your rights and hold the other party responsible for their actions.


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