Fashion faux pas – we are all guilty of it, one way or another. But us men, and we must admit it, we just make fashion mistakes left and right that it’s becoming embarrassing. It seems like when the Gods of fashion showered the gift of knowledge on dressing properly, it’s just the ladies who went outside and we were all left watching some TV. But there is still hope for each and every testosterone-filled individual of the world. Because with this article, we’ll round out some of the biggest fashion missteps most men have the chance to take. So that no one will ever take that plunge ever again.
No-no Number 1: Socks with Sandals
Fate must have played a cruel trick on every guy, because almost every man have committed this fashion don’t. Okay, we get it. It’s cold outside. But why not just wear shoes if you want warm feet. The horror of seeing someone wearing socks, much less white socks, with sandals is just unbearable. I think even talking about it is. That’s why I’ll just stop.
No-no Number 2: Novelty Clothing
It may look cute at first, but having a big smiley face and other lame prints on your clothes like ties, shirts and boxer shorts is very childish. Just save these types of garments when you’re washing your car or working out. Or better yet, just wear them if you have nothing left to wear.
No-no Number 3: Big Designer Labels
We get it, you can afford branded clothing. But no matter how expensive they are, having logos of high-end clothing companies splattered on your chest just makes you look like a walking billboard. Besides looking like an ad for these companies, most people think you are a douche when you wear these types of clothing.
No-no Number 4: Backpacks at the Office
Though it may be very convenient most of the time, having a backpack and wearing a suit just does not match. Aside from the fact that it will wrinkle your clothes even before you get to the office, backpacks just look very juvenile. And you don’t want that because people may not take you too seriously. That’s bad especially if you are the boss of the company. Why not invest on a not so expensive brief case for your important office stuff. A messenger bag will also do.
No-no Number 5: Big Chunky Shoes
It’s 2010, not the 90’s. That’s why big chunky shoes are definitely out. They say that fashion is timeless, but there are some items that should also be retired. Don’t worry, you can still wear those big shoes during costume parties on Halloween.
No-no Number 6: Shiny Shirts and Suits
Just a reminder: you are not a pimp. That is why you should avoid wearing shirts and suits, and anything for that matter, that is very shiny and glittery. These clothing items just look tacky and they make your look like you’re from the disco era. If you don’t know what color to wear, always go back to the basics: black.
No-no Number 7: Loose Fitting Clothes
Loose fitting is equal to sloppy. You are not going to release the next top hip-hop hit or dancing B-Boy, so better try on clothes that fit you well. Perfectly-fitted clothing, especially dress shirts and pants, will definitely do you good.
No-no Number 8: Unflattering Colors
Many people said that it’s the person wearing the clothes that makes the whole get-up look good. Sadly, they’re wrong. Knowing how to use color to your advantage will do you good when trying dress properly. Avoid colors that will make you look pale or too dark. The color of what you’re wearing should also compliment your eye color, skin ton and body shape.
There you go. These are just some of the fashion faux pas many men commit. Stay away from them and you’ll be sure that you will look good.


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