Netflix for iOS Finally Gets Smart Downloads Feature

Netflix has brought the Smart Downloads feature to the app’s iOS Variant, after originally launching it for the Android app back in July This past Year.

The Smart Downloads attribute is currently live on the Netflix app for iOS and we can verify the same. The download management feature is directed at reducing the hassle while managing content downloads, as it automatically frees a new event for offline viewing when users are finished watching an older individual in the collection.

The Smart Downloads feature only works when users are attached to a Wi-Fi network, which means you doesn’t have to worry about accidentally finishing up their cellular data after downloading content from Netflix. As for the way the feature really works, well, it will determine the show and the episodes users are seeing and then determines when to activate the automatic download action. Take such as users have downloaded the first 3 episodes of a string. Once they are done watching the first installment, the Smart Downloads feature automatically begins downloading the fourth episode.

More importantly, the Smart Downloads feature deletes the very first episode after it’s been watched before the fourth episode is lined for downloading, making certain users don’t run out of storage space. But keep in mind that if you are into binge-watching that a TV series and want to watch it in 1 go, the Smart Downloads attribute isn’t for you, mainly since it automatically deletes a previously watched event to free up space. However, one can always choose to enable or disable it to better suit their articles consumption habits.

Here is how you can take action:

Method 1: By the App Settings

Open the Netflix app and tap the’More’ option in the bottom of the display

Once there, tap ‘App Settings’

Below the’Downloads’ header, change the toggle into enable/disable the Smart Downloads feature

Method 2: From the Download Section

Netflix claims that it wants users to spend less time handling their downloads and invest more time really consuming content, something the Smart Downloads feature can help them achieve.


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