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The Nokia 6.1 Plus and Also the Nokia 5.1 Plus Are Favorably received for the value That They bring to the table, However it appears that owners of the two Nokia smartphones have Allegedly been plagued with a faulty charging port issue, which prevents the battery from getting Billed.

Some users that were affected have revealed that the charging interface has been loose since they bought their Nokia smartphoneand that many have received a sub-par after earnings experience due to a paucity of replacement part in the service centers.

A number of those affected Nokia 6.1 Plus and Nokia 5.1 Plus users, who’ve been hit by the malfunctioning charging interface issue, have reported it on the Nokia community site. The affected Nokia 6.1 Plus owners also have revealed that the charging process stops since the charging interface automatically disconnects from the hub, whereas a few others have noticed that their smartphone’s charging interface was loose ever since they purchased the smartphone. The charging issues were first reported by FoneArena.

Others have reported that that the charging interface of the Nokia 6.1 Plus loosened up within a period of just 3-4 months, forcing them to delicately insert the USB Type-C cable at the port at a specific angle to begin the charging process. In some cases, the charging cable becomes connected and disconnected by itself. The identical issue has been reported in case of this Nokia 5.1 Plus, with a single user even mentioning that the instances of faulty charging ports have also been detected in certain instances for the Nokia 7 Plus. A couple of reports also claim the charging port difficulty has also slowed down the charging speed.

Few impacted consumers, who filed their malfunctioning Nokia 6.1 Plus or the Nokia 5.1 Plus at the Nokia Care Centre for fix, were told that the issue was caused by a manufacturing defect. However, some were told by service and support executives that the charging port issue originated because of contact with liquid or moisture, despite that allegedly not being the situation. Another major grievance of the influenced Nokia 6.1 Plus and Nokia 5.1 Plus owners is the support centers do not have an adequate stock of replacement parts from the inventory to fix the matter, requesting some time of about a month or even more to fix the charging port after submitting the smartphone.


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