Brief Biography
Pierre Cardin has been one of the most recognizable names in the world of fashion for over half a century. Though he made his name in France, the designer was born in a small town in Italy in 1922.
After World War II, Cardin moved to newly liberated Paris to study architecture and design. In time, however, Cardin turned his attention to fashion and found himself obsessed with the idea of becoming a top designer. After only a few years in the industry, Cardin secured a job at the head of one of Christian Dior’s ateliers. This was a tremendous accomplishment for the budding designer who was only twenty-five at the time. Christian Dior was one of the most celebrated young designers in the world and he had chosen Cardin to run one of his studios.
Then at the ripe old age of twenty-eight, Cardin founded a fashion house of his own in 1950. A year later the young designer became a fashion superstar when he designed elaborate costumes for “the party of the century” masquerade ball in Venice. All of the top fashion writers and designers were there and they were blown away by the original, experimental style of the young designer.
After that Cardin was seen as something of a fashion wunderkind. He was a young designer who liked to push the boundaries of what the fashion community deemed acceptable. He was one of the first European designers to be influenced by Japanese fashion and to incorporate it in his designs.
In fact, he rebuffed the mainstream fashion community several times during his storied career. For instance, he resigned from the Chambre Syndicale (a forum for designers to show their work) in 1966, and from then on would only show his collections at his own venues. In 1971 he opened his first venue, the Espace Cardin in Paris, which he uses to promote new designers, musicians, and artists.
During this time Cardin gained fame for his avant-garde style and the innovative shapes and designs that paid little mind to the models who were wearing them. Later he even experimented with unisex fashions, which were not particularly popular. But setbacks never dissuaded Cardin from experimenting and trying out new looks and styles.
Men’s Fashion
Though his impact on women’s fashion is undeniable, Pierre Cardin had, even more, impact on men’s fashion. In fact, he was one of the first popular designers to turn his attention the men’s couture. He was particularly creative in his approach to men’s neckties. Cardin believed that ties should be bold and colorful and that they should allow a man to express his personality. He is often cited as the inventor of the flowered tie, which was a far more intricate and involved design than men’s fashion had ever seen. Today the Cardin line sells hundreds of neckties from vintage to modern. They offer a large selection of floral silk ties that will last for many years if properly maintained. Most Pierre Cardin ties are also reasonably priced and can be purchased for little more than an average, nondescript necktie.


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