You might think that since it’s just an end table, there’s nothing that you can do to make it stand out inside your room. You’re wrong about that. A boring pair of end tables can actually be turned into something extraordinary if you just know a little trick about applying paint and using a stencil. That’s right! Stenciling is basically what you need to spice up that fancy end table.

But you might say, “Stenciling what, How can I possibly do that, I’m not an artist!” Who says you need to be an artist to create something out of stencils, All you need is a little time, effort, materials, and of course that good imagination to unleash the creative side in you.

Stencils have been used for many years as a way to create beautiful and artistic designs in various materials like wood, glass, and fabric. To turn that end table into a piece of artwork in your home, you can make use of these materials: stencils, wood stain, paint brushes, acrylic paints for stenciling, paint or masking tape, paper towels or used cloth, and acrylic gloss coat.

Prepare all of these before you start working on your project. And if you noticed that your end table is not stained or finished, might as well stain it first to give the wood an attractive background color. The process is actually simple. All you have to do is to put a coat of stain on, then use a paper towel or rag to rub it out and make the coat even. After that, wait until it dries. Once dried, you can proceed with stenciling.

Now that you’re on the stencil part, first you have to know your stencils. You will likely use layered stencils and singular stencils. In the former, each part of the whole design is split into different stencils by the colors that they need to be painted while in the latter, all the elements are on one stencil. After you’ve known the difference, now decide where you want the design to be. Is it on the top or at the sides of the table, Now, place the stencil on that spot and use masking tape so it will be held in place. Get the paint brush; choose from either a large or small brush to paint in the stencil holes.

Take note, you must not overdo this procedure as excess paint may leak under the edge of the stencil and will create a complete mess of the design. Do it slowly but surely. And if there’s excess paint from your brush, wipe it off with paper towel or rag before applying it on the stencil. When applying the paint, make sure that you paint one color first before you use another. And once you’re done with the design, leave it and let it dry. Do not attempt to touch it if you’re not sure that it has completely dried for this might ruin your work.

So there. Isn’t it easy to turn your boring end table into something livelier with stenciling, By simply following all these instructions, you will not go wrong in spicing up that little furniture you got there.

Now, if you want to know more about stenciling other furniture or even your wall, you can always check online for more stenciling information.


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