Many people regard art as an expression of the soul. Art is referred to as a medium, a way to express feelings without an action. A painting can tell you a million stories, a song can share a million emotions and photographs can give you many faces. Stenciling as an art can give you a bird’s eye view of the personality of the artist who did the stencil.

Stenciling is an expression of design and of characteristic. The texture of the stenciled patterns and the stroke of the artists’ brushes or pen allows the audience to have an idea of the emotions that the artists’ experience during construction of such stencil. The choice of stencil designs also shows the character of the artist and the client. Wall stencils tell a visitor on the personality of the owner of the house.

A good stencil pattern requires outmost preparation, accuracy and determination. A good artist doesn’t leave his or her work undone. When a person sits down to make a stencil pattern or carve it, he must be focused on his work. While stenciling is an art that doesn’t demand too much from an individual, that individual must be willing to give so much for the quality of the pattern.

In line with stenciling, there are different equipments and materials that are needed before doing a pattern. The early earth dwellers made used of nature as their material to make their patterns. They used woods, leaves, and tree barks. Different materials can be used in doing stencils. The equipment used in stenciling are very common that you can purchase it at any store. In order to guide you with stenciling materials, here’s a list that may be helpful;

1.) Brushes- this is very fundamental equipment in stenciling. If you plan to stencil for good, a set of very good brushes is a must. Bristles of the brush should be firm and the end should be flat.

2.) Pencils use quality pencils so that it will not smudge or be erased

3.) Cutting mat this gives you a surface that is firm where you can cut your materials. It also helps in safeguarding the craft knife.

4.) Paint-mixing container- this is used for mixing paints and washes

5.) Stencil card this can be substituted by any material. This is where an artist does his stencil.

6.) Rulers and tape measure- these equipments are necessary to ensure accuracy

7.) Tracing Paper- this is important in transferring the stencil pattern to the stencil card.

The above mentioned equipment are the things that an artist need in doing his stencil design. The succeeding portion will tackle the materials that are needed in stenciling.

1.) Acrylic stencil paint- this ensures quick drying and it diminishes the likelihood of running and seeping of paint.

2.) Acrylic varnish- used for sealing finished projects and designs

3.) Emulsion (latex paint)- use a high quality paint to avoid damages to the design

4.) Fabric paint- it is utilized as the acrylic stencil paint. It is available in different colors. Fabric paint when applied must be ironed to avoid wash out.

5.) Metallic cream- this is used as highlight to bases and can be used for the entire pattern.

6.) Oil-based stencil sticks and creams- these are applied to the design and don’t present the danger of overloading. However, these materials require a long drying time.

These are some of the materials used for stenciling. Do not limit yourself to these materials. Explore other materials.


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