When you need the safety, security and protection of your weapon, your only limitation is how to effectively and discreetly carry your gun in a way that does not make you stand out like a sore thumb. Concealment shirts and tank tops are among the most popular and best-selling apparel items in the gun and weapons industry. What exactly are they, and how do they house and hide your weapon?Image result for best concealed carry shirt

Concealment t-shirts and tank tops come in a wide range of colors, sizes and fabric blends. In cooler months, you can purchase a few crew t-shirts in a waffle-weave thermal material for extra warmth. In the brutally-hot summer months, cooling mesh concealment tanks feel like a second skin, and they do a remarkable job of keeping your weapon safe and secure. If you work in a corporate environment or any type of protective trade that requires you to carry a handgun, an executive undershirt looks polished and professional under your uniform or suit.

The best concealed carry shirt or tank top will feature a fitted, but stretchy and comfortable, silhouette that does not move or shift on the body. It will feature several pockets for housing your weapon, magazine clips and other important accessories. Most of the pockets will be double lined or feature reinforced seams for extra safety. Many of the pockets housing your weapon will also have flaps with security tabs, snaps or hook-and-loop closures to add an extra measure of protection.

The idea behind concealment apparel is to house your weapon in a safe and undetectable manner. Hiding your weapon is important, but you also need instant accessibility and to be comfortable while you wear the garment. Concealment apparel manufacturers keep all of this in mind when designing protective apparel, accessories and coordinating gear. In a life or death situation, it only takes a brief second to safely retrieve your weapon from its concealment pocket. Whether you live in an state with open-carry laws or you have a job that requires that you carry a weapon on you at all times, concealment apparel offers a secure and comfortable way to keep your weapon close at hand.


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