Whether you’re a nurse, work in a vet clinic or spend time around patients in any medical facility, you usually need to wear scrubs while on the job. Scrubs are loose, comfortable and designed for those who spend eight to 10 hours or more on their feet. While you probably have a budget in mind and know exactly how much money you want to spend on a pair that comes with pants and a matching shirt, you’ll want to consider other factors when buying scrubs for work.

Color or Pattern

Many hospitals and other health care facilities now require that workers wear a specific color or pattern of scrubs based on where they work. Those working on one floor might wear navy blue, while those working on another floor will wear purple. Color may relate to your department or job title too such as one color for nursing assistants and a different color for surgeons. You’ll also want to find out if you can wear scrubs with a pattern. Hospitals may only allow nurses and other professionals who work with children in the pediatric ward to wear patterns.

Size and Fit

Size and fit is also important because you want clothing that feels just as comfortable when you put it on at the beginning of your shift as it does in the last hour before you head home. Though some companies make unisex scrubs that are suitable for men and women, others make products designed for one or the other and use traditional male or female sizing. Those who are six-foot tall or taller may want to look at tall scrubs too. These scrubs use more material to keep the hem on the pants and shirts from riding up as you walk and work.


Scrubs come in so many different designs that you’ll likely find that one design works better for your job than others do. Some nurses and professionals prefer shirts with a pocket on the chest that they can use for pens and notepads, and some prefer wearing shirts with a rounded collar rather than one with a v-neck. Tops can have a bungee loop on the side or tucked into a pocket that can hold your ID in place too. When you consider all these factors as you shop, you’ll have no problem finding scrubs for your profession.


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