Wall stenciling is a budget-friendly project that you can do without the help of a professional. In fact, you can do it yourself; all you need is time, effort, resources (materials to use), and of course that creativity in you. It allows you to put your own personalized touch to your walls and gives you that control when it comes to the shape, size, and theme of the project.

However, before you start doing it, you need to do a little planning and preparation, which very much include choosing the theme and colors and purchasing or making the stencils to be used. Plus, you have to consider the time you’re going to spend on the project, like setting aside a day or two. And of course, the area of your house where you choose to do the wall stenciling. Are you thinking about a small portion of the living room, the entire bedroom, or just around the door, There is really a lot to consider. Now, let’s talk about some tips and tricks for your wall stenciling project.

Preparing the Walls

In every home decorating project, proper preparation is essential in order to make it successful. So, for your wall stenciling project, you have to make sure that your walls are smooth for proper stenciling. To do this, use a damp cloth to wipe down the area to be stenciled. If the wall looks a little stained, you can use a mild soap to make it look better. And if it has cracks, make sure that you repair them first because even if you put a stencil design on it, the crack would still be very much visible.

On Colors, Stencils, Paints, and More

Let’s start with colors. Of course, you don’t want the color of your wall to be in contrast with the color you’ll use for the stencil design. So, when choosing a color or colors, make sure that it will blend in with the present color of your walls. Next, think what type of stencils you will use. Is it a picture or a word, For your kids’ room, you can use word stencils, like their names or the names of their favorite cartoon characters. You can also use pictures of some of these cartoon characters if they like such as Bugs Bunny or Tweety Bird. Then for paint, better use acrylic rather than ordinary. Acrylic paint gives more control and is thicker. And make sure that your paint has a satin or matte finish because it will make your walls look even better.

Stenciling Ideas

Don’t have stenciling ideas yet, Read here. For the living room, you can stencil the words family and your surname under a mantle. If not, you can stencil a family tree with your name and the rest of the family members. Now, for the kitchen, you can always stencil pictures of fruits, vegetables, and other food products. You can also stencil kitchen utensils and other food items to make it look livelier. Then, for the kids’ room, body size stencils can be used like your kids’ favorite sports players, ballerina, or singers.

Your wall stenciling project is surely a fun project to do if you just know these simple tips and tricks. So, what are you waiting for, Check that wall now and see how you’ll go about enhancing its looks through stenciling.


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