The weather is warm, the sky sunny, us guys want to get out and have some fun, but that’s doesn’t mean we can’t look good while doing so right, ‘Cause we still want to impress the ladies and a pair of flip-flops and torn t-shirt may not get the job done. That’s said, let’s take a quick walk through the shopping wiles of summer fashion and remember, girls aren’t the only ones who know how to shop (although they may enjoy it more).
The key things we want is comfort, style and practicality and one coat that fits the bill is the linen sports coat, very affordable, trendy and without the need for a stiff collared shirt underneath (enough of that at the office. Plus, if we’re at a club (or most any environment) and we’re feeling a bit warm, taking off our jacket is perfectly acceptable (not so with a long sleeved shirt or sweater).
ADDED BENEFIT: Later that evening, when walking that “dream brunette” to her car (or possibly to ours), should she have a light shiver, we can score points being a “real gentleman” offering her our coat. She’ll smile and who knows where the evening may lead.
QUOTE: “I can go all over the world with just three outfits: a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, a gray flannel suit and black tie.” – Pierre Cardin
What Actually Is a Blazer and Do We Need One,
Quite often the term blazer isn’t used correctly when speaking of men’s jackets, and it’s often confused with the sport’s coat. Both are casual, both can be worn on their own (not as part of a suit), the difference actually speaks to how they are manufactured and the styling. The term “sports coat” was associated with a coat originally created for hunting and other outdoor activities, while a blazer (similar to a sports coat) is more formal and tailored (generally) in solid or stripped fabrics. Often adorned with metal buttons, they can (and often are) used for a night on the town, or attending a business function.
BLAZER: Made with heavier fabric than a suit, but finer than a sports coat. Normally single breasted (though double breasted can be found), they have patch pockets (without flaps).
SPORTS COAT: Usually created from tweed or houndstooth, they’ll have three buttons, flap pockets and are often specialized as in “shooting jacket” or” hacking jacket” (used for horseback riding).
The classic navy blazer with gold buttons has been around for years, and carries with it a certain “country-club” air (it that’s you’re thing, fine), but that is certainly not the limits of the blazer. The single most important element is the fit, you’ll want it to follow the natural lines of your shoulder, and also hug (not too tightly) your body for that well tailored, man-about-town look. Pair that with a nice pair of slacks and as Pierre Cardin said you’ll feel comfortable in most any situation.
Women love to to love to shop quick…
Having mens designer coats in your wardrobe is foundational, every man should own one or more, they are timeless.
Blazers come (generally) with the choice of two lapels, the notch and peak.
They’ll be adorned with one of the following: Single button with a notch lapel (this is the contemporary look). The two or three button style (called classic) and finally the double breasted blazer (or the fashionable look).
Colors: Navy, Black, Camel and Hunter Green
Fabrics: Wool, Wool mix, Cashmere, Gabardine or for contemporary fabrics, denim, cotton, leather, suede
Style: Classic with a mid/central vent or double breasted with two vents.
It’s summer, we’re guys and the world is our kingdom, choose a coat that fits your style, your body and your budget and you’ll truly be king (at least for a day).


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