Art is a way of expressing feelings and messages. There are different art forms that have gained popularity in the modern world. Some of these art forms are painting, sculpturing and photography. These art forms require dedication, determination and concentration. Another type of art form that requires these traits is stenciling.

Stenciling is an art form that is dated back to the early years. Proofs of stencil patterns are found in caves, leaves, and wood blocks. The Japanese and Chinese helped in the promotion of this art. It was the Chinese people who invented the paper and the Japanese initiated the silk screen industry. Europeans and Romans also used stenciling in making different designs. Stenciling takes many forms as graffiti, wall stencils and letter stencils. These kinds have their own characteristic that is very different from the other.

Wall stenciling is mainly used in decorating houses, rooms, buildings and other architectures. Wall stencil patterns are mainly composed of many designs that cater to the different taste of every individual. Wall stencils are generally personalized in nature as the home owners or wall owners have the right to choose the design and color that they want to apply to a certain wall.

Wall stenciling is basically considered as an interior design. Interior design is traced back to Western Europe. William Kent is usually referred to as the first person who has completed a complete interior. Since then, European countries and neighboring countries practiced interior designing. Interior designing have become more challenging and powerful with the advent of stencils. While paintings and sculptures are mainly used in interior designing, stencils have created a variety in these usual materials used.

Wall stenciling is a very good bonding hobby for a family. Share some ideas about the designs that you want in your sala and kitchen. For the parents, let the kids decide ion the design on their wall. Let them choose what them want and let them stencil for themselves. In this sense, you do not only create harmony but creates a little bit of independence. This is important so that children will be more responsible and will exercise their freedom of choice.

Wall stenciling is a very tedious process wherein one needs accuracy, precision and concentration. Here are some steps to follow when doing wall stenciling.

1.) Make sure that the wall is clean and is free from any dust or dirt.

2.) Clean the wall with water and let it dry.

3.) Place the stencil on the wall and be sure to hold it in place.

4.) Put paint in your paintbrush by dipping it to the paint.

5.) Do not apply too much paintbrush because this might damage your work.

6.) Apply a top coat of varnish or polyurethane.

7.) Let the stencil dry.

8.) Clean your stencils with soap and water.

In all types of stenciling, cleaning the surface and making sure that you clean your stencil afterwards is like second nature. Cleanliness is very important in stenciling that stencil artists are often very clean personalities themselves.

Stenciling in general has a very wonderful past. Many artists have looked down on stencil artist and have criticized them for the art that they choose. Nonetheless, stencil artists and stencil lovers fought for stenciling and soon stenciling was considered as an art form. It is not merely an art form but rather an expression.


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