You don’t have to do wall repainting all over just so you will have a new look for your home. There is what is called wall stenciling. This technique is budget-friendly which means that you can be creative in your own right without having to shell out too much money. This activity is also twice the fun if you do it with your family members. So, are you ready to start your project, Take a look at the ideas presented herein and give your home a quick yet relaxing boost in no time!

Stenciling is the Thing

Why should you think of stenciling as a method for revamping the look of your home, Apart from being cost-effective, it also lets you play with your own imagination and allow the free flow of your creative juices. This is the same method that will give your home a personalized touch. Furthermore, you are in full control of the theme, the colors to use, the purchasing, and all the other things concerning planning and preparation. Your choices for materials also vary. So, there you go with a wonderful and creative idea of designing your room, a corner in your home, the walls above your fireplace, around the door, and some kind of stencil border round the wall corner.

Your Stenciling Considerations

Of course, there are a couple of things for you to consider before starting out with your project. Take a look at some of these:

First of all, think of your theme. What designs do you want to enforce,

Then, choose the appropriate colors that will fit the theme of your choice. Be sure that they will blend with the existing colors of your walls.

In personalizing a child’s room, it is best to employ word stencils.

For very small stenciling designs, you may opt to use the stencil crayons. Others will tell you that the paint lasts for a longer span of time yet the stencil crayons will make things easier for you to do.

For special themes, designs, or shapes, better use the custom stencil materials.

The artist acrylic paint is thicker than the usual kind. You can also gain more control of the designing scheme.

Buy different stenciling brushes because only the correct size of the brushes can effectively apply the colors smoothly.

For best stenciling results, come up with the satin or matte finish.

Practice your stenciling skills on a board prior to hitting the walls of your home.

For Your Preparatory Needs

Before you do stenciling on your home walls, you need to ensure at first that the walls to be stenciled must be cleaned by using mild soap and damp cloth. If it is necessary, you also have to repair any visible cracks on the walls.

Some worthy Stenciling Ideas

For the kids’ bedroom, make use of the common designs like cars, trains, animals, butterflies, clouds, stars, flowers, or the likes. You can also consider stenciling bigger designs like a ballerina, a gymnast, a cartoon character, or a basketball player.

For the family room, you can stencil the names of all members of your family.

For the kitchen, the word stencils like “dinner served” and the likes along with some coffee pots, or cute food items are sure to enliven the area.

One thing is for certain, wall stenciling is not permanent. Thus, you can always change the design any time you want. So, be artistic and put some life to your walls!


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