Sony Can Not Sell You One. Want to Purchase a PS4 Pro in India? Too bad, as you can’t do this officially with a guarantee anymore. This is some thing Saikat Koley Saiko learned the hard way.
Saiko, a match character artist operating in Hyderabad, had saved up to get a PS4 Pro. Traditionally a PC gamer, he was lured to Sony’s camp on account of the exclusive games available like Horizon Zero Dawn.

“I was looking for a PS4 Pro and that I wanted to buy it formally. It wasn’t available anywhere in the city, not in Croma or Bajaj or anywhere. I was fed up and I had two choices – I either import or I purchase it from the grey market,” Saiko informs Gadgets 360.

Though far more readily available, the PS4 Slim wasn’t an option for him because he was looking for a “no compromises encounter”. This is what the PS4 Pro guarantees with features like 4K resolution and a higher frame rates in titles that are supported. Saiko did not wish to buy an Xbox One either.

Frustrated with waiting, he ended up purchasing a Singapore PS4 Pro games from eBay, hoping that Sony’s touted reliability sees him through as it doesn’t have a valid warranty for India.

Nevertheless, it is not just customers like Saiko – multiple merchants and vendors speaking to Gadgets 360 on the condition of anonymity have pointed out that the PS4 Pro hasn’t been accessible in India even though it’s officially established in India.

“No shares because February”
“I haven’t got stock since February,” an employee of a huge consumer electronics series. “We get at least a dozen queries every week but we can not provide one unit since Sony hasn’t given us some PS4 Pros since launch.”

“Earlier we had been told that we would find the PS4 Pro from August. That changed to September. Then we were told that because of Diwali we will only get it by November 20. On November 17 we were told we are not getting shares,” a different store owner affirms. “I don’t understand why Sony India provides us the run around.”

Other have opted for less official means of fulfilling demand. In Mumbai alone, there is an influx of around 100 to 150 PS4 Experts through parallel and grey imports over a weekly basis. These are offered offline, or online through third party sellers on websites like eBay.

“I pick up 15 units per week from Dubai without fail,” a suburban Mumbai retailer tells Gadgets 360. “There’s no point in depending on Sony. We heard from them there will not be any PS4 Pro officially till next year.”

For its part, Sony India is painfully conscious of the PS4 Pro’s non-existence at retail after a formal launch.

“There shall be tools for PS4 Pro in the not too distant future, however today we are unsure of the specific deadline of the next lot of Guru supplies — we shall update when we’ve got clearer date of accessibility,” the firm told Gadgets 360 through email.

But, Sony has refused to provide a motive behind the same. 1 possibility could be global supply issues that Sony admitted to confronting in June this year. But this does not appear to be the situation, together with Black Friday deals galore on the PS4 Guru in regions where it is available, such as the united states and Europe.

An explanation may lie in compulsory certification required together with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). In the past, Sony India has fought with this. We have seen it with all the PS4 wherein Sony drained its launching inventory of 4,500 components completely. In case you were not amongst the lucky few who got a launching unit, you faced a long wait to buy one because the consoles now needed clearance in the BIS before they are sold, which required almost five months. This is the same reason why the PS VR and PS4 Pro were delayed in India to begin with. Even though the former is still readily available in stores throughout the country.

Or perhaps it boils down to cost, quantity, and scale. The widely accepted installment base for your PS4 at India sits at the array of 220,000 to 250,000 units such as grey market sales as well as the restricted PS4 Pro offered through various channels (official or otherwise) sold till date. As soon as it’s tracking higher than what the PS3 did at the same time period, it’s still a far cry from Sony’s successes in other areas like the Middle East, where the earnings spanned a million PS4s two years ago.

There is also the issue of pricing. The official cost of a PS4 Pro in India with guarantee is Rs. 38,990, while it retails via the grey market between Rs. 28,000 and Rs. 32,000 depending on the store. Considering the demand outstrips supply for the PS4 Pro at the price, is Sony only content with letting the gray market pay consumer needs, waiting to step in if and when demand hits critical mass in a price it deems fit?

Sony is advertising a console you can’t buy
Where does this leave you? What this indicates is, you could have purchased a PS4 Guru from a PAL area and be covered for the most part. This option is not available any more.

One of the many PS4 Pro ads at IGX 2017, a Mumbai gaming occasion that Sony was a part of.

“We do not offer guarantee to non-BIS accredited products,” Sony India supports.

Despite all of this, Sony India perplexingly promotes the PS4 Pro as being accessible legally. At IGX 2017, a Mumbai gaming event where Sony took part, there were a few hoardings proclaiming PS4 Pro’s 4K FIFA 18 experience.

The initial half of 2018 sees a plethora of games that are going to be promoted as optimised for the PS4 Guru, including Far Cry 5 and Dragon Hunter World to name a few, aside from Sony’s own stable of exclusives such as God of War, Days Gone, and Detroit Grow Human. It’s a given that the aforementioned games will be available officially in India, it’s only that the means to play them at their finest on games will probably be restricted to a few willing to risk buying a console with no warranty.


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