Bugs are making life of people problematic from the time of Aristotle. Bed bugs have long been a big dilemma for people as they are infesting their homes quite freely. Most of the traditional Greek writings and European texts of middle-ages also mentioned the bugs’ predicament. Bed bugs are just like uninvited people to our homes and personal rooms.

Anxiety about health hazards due to infestation of bed bugs in houses is spreading like a wild fire among people. Today, horrific stories of bed bugs make everyone concerned about him along with other family members. However, what is the reality about bed bugs and associated health problems, Should the public be worried about the threat of bed bugs, Is it really an alarming situation on the subject of public health, People must have full understanding of bed bugs and their created health problems before going after all such inquiries.

These are flat and brown colored tiny insects, which nourish human blood. On the contrary, there are few kinds of bed bugs that feed up on wild animals. Bed bugs do not like to live in dirty homes, which is a common notion among people. Instead, they love to live near their host and also like warm environment. Bed bugs ability of traveling results in their quick spread from one house to the other.

Lack of information about these blood sucking insects gives false impression on public health issues, which may raise more panic among people. The superficial health risks relevant to such parasites may include itchiness due to their bites and swelling wounds on exposed areas of skin during sleep. Creams are available in the market to reduce itchiness and swelling caused by bed bugs within minutes.

Another effect of these parasites is the allergic reaction without any symptom on human skin. Because bed bug normally injects some type of animal anesthesia prior to suck the human blood but some do not even observe it. Although these issues are real about bed bugs and allied health risks yet these are not serious enough to plead for widespread alarm. Insecticide sprays and dusting is the best remedy for treating the injurious bed bugs. You should hire a professional to eradicate them completely.

Despite the fact that bed bugs does not cause an alarming condition for public health but should talk to your doctor. The reason is that if insects like mosquito bites on swelling welts, it may result in diseases like malaria, dengue etc. Do not forget that bed bugs have full potential of causing severe health problems with the aid of other insects. So, always pay full attention to this issue while purchasing furniture and bed mattresses.


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