WhatsApp Most Downloaded App Globally, TikTok Leads App Store Downloads in Q1 2019: Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower has Introduced app-related Information from its Q1 2019 Data Digest Report, and Also the most downloaded app worldwide in the first quarter Has Been WhatsApp with more than 223 million Fresh installs.

On iOS, TikTok was the most downloaded program in the App Store with more than 33 million installs in Q1 2019, and it kept the top spot for the fifth quarter in a row. On Android, WhatsApp reigned with close to 199 million downloads from Google Play. TIkTok came in third on the Google Play list. Interestingly, four out of five programs in the complete most downloaded list are owned by Facebook.

Starting with the overall download numbers for Q1 2019 which comprises all programs, the report says the top five programs figure out how to keep their positions from Q4 2018. WhatsApp came in first with over 223 million installs, and Facebook Messenger came in second with near 209 million installs. This means four world’s most downloaded programs in Q1 2019 are possessed by Facebook.

Video editing program Biugo and photo editing app PicsArt entered the top 20 apps worldwide for the very first time in Q1. Sensor Tower notes that this is because first-time users in India helped both apps achieve new install highs in the quarter.

Coming to App Store, iPhone and iPad users installed TikTok the maximum with 33 million installs in the first quarter. TikTok was the most downloaded program in the App Store for the fifth consecutive quarter. But, its next quarter numbers may see a decline given the program was banned in Indiatemporarily last month, over illegal and pornographic material. The ban has been raised, but it might have costed the firm millions of downloads in the meantime.

YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger take the successive top four positions on the most downloaded from iPhone and iPad users. Sensor Tower notes that Twitter took the 16th spot with 11.7 million App Store downloads in Q1 2019, making this Twitter’s highest total since Q1 2015.

The majority of WhatsApp’s downloads were clocked in on Android, together with Google Play downloads at almost 199 million in the first quarter. Facebook Messenger has been the 2nd most downloaded program from Google Play at Q1 2019, followed by TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.


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